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Smart management, exact statistics, better UX/UI, and improvement in performance. Especially, it’s Free to use!

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Smart Management

Assign tasks to the right person, promptly notification, and fast communication.

Exact Statistics

Log time report, workload report, user report…We provide all the right information.

in Performance

Our customers said that project is completed 15% faster. It's our core value.


All tasks are listed in only one Dashboard, with their status. All members are listed with their availability. Project manager can easily have an overview of all projects 24/7. It’s obviously the revolution in Task Management.






Broard view

It’s exactly a type of Scrum board, with highly customized features. It helps your team know exactly what need to be done in the near future, in order to deliver the tasks as fast as possible.

List View

List view with filter & sort by options is the smart way to review all the tasks with detail information in only one page. Easy to navigate, easy to make actions… Everything is designed to satisfy your team.





"It's easy to make actions with our great tool!"

Create Task

You’ll be surprised how easy to create new task here! Because it’s designed for you and your team. We even have back-end interface to help you manage the tasks and calculate the performance of your team.


We bring project management job to the next level, with lower effort you have to spend on. Let’s try our tool right now!


We understand that Human Resource Management is a Key to Successful Organization. Therefore, Task Deliver includes HR management in its system. We make sure that project manager knows everything about his team.


We have a lot of features in our back-end interface to make this tool highly customized for a range of purposes. As an administrator, you can easily add team members, manage projects, make the right configuration to arrange everything that works for you and your team.